Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I thought about having a yard sale...

...and then I decided that was dumb.

I would probably make a few bucks, true. But who has the time to arrange this madness? Not me.
Instead I am loading my car up and taking all of this shit to Goodwill.

In other words... Today I came up with the rule: Yard sales are for other people.


  1. Actually, I find the fact that I went through a long and tedious battle to get rid of my old stuff helps me avoid buying new stuff...psychologically I mean!

  2. Amen! i love the thought of a yard sale and making money on stuff I want to give/throw away but the hassle of putting it together and setting it up, staying out all morning and then cleaning it up makes it worth giving/thowing it away and not getting any money! haha.