Monday, February 11, 2013

Is it Monday already? Holy moly.

Weekend Recap:

1. I did not make it through the weekend without buying Skylanders Giants. In fact, I went out and bought it on Friday night.

2. It was convenient timing because I also came down with the plague on Friday. I've logged in a fair amount of hours thanks to the fact that I haven't wanted to move for the last few days.

3. I feel as though I should clarify that not wanting to move and having to move are separate things entirely. I didn't want to move, but I did have to because I had to work, grocery shop, and, you know, take care of a household. But I did take full advantage of the times that I was able to lay around.

4. This brings me to the thing I've been cracking up about all weekend. People's reactions to a 35 year old mother of three who plays video games. Why is this weird? Do you watch television? What's the difference?

First of all, I don't spend that much time playing nintendo (though I did this weekend because I was laying around more than normal). Secondly... why is it that if you watch tv, movies or surf the internet it's okay, but saying that you play video games automatically makes you a sloth? Ha! It's comical!

I am the mother of a one year old, a two and a half year old and a seventeen year old. During the day I have an extra charge who is 9 months old. I rarely sit down during the day. At all. When the kids nap I may try to get a blog in, or at least read some blogs, but for the most part, there is no "sitting idly" during my day, or even my evenings, for that matter! - even on the weekends.
Contrary to what some believe, being a stay at home mom does not involve laying on the couch eating bon bons. Not if you are doing your job. Funny enough, there are people out there who get paid to take care of children, it's just not a valid job when you are taking care of your own, for free. I know, we got the memo (and for the record, I was a single working mother for a good 11 years, so I know what it is like to be a working mom, and I spent WAY more time playing video games then than I do now, just so you know).

I also work part time. I do laundry, cook, clean, work out, manage the finances, play taxi so that my older daughter can work... The list goes on. I'm not sitting around on my ass 24 hours a day. I have precious little down time just like everyone else.

So what is the difference if I choose to spend the same amount of time on a video game at the end of my day as someone else spends on television, movies and internet at the end of their day? I'm just curious!
Whatever makes you feel superior, I suppose. Hahaha!

I'm done. I just... It just cracks me up! "The ways that I waste my time are just, like, so much more valid than the ways that you waste yours."

People are funny creatures.

5. I feel like I should have something else to tell you about this weekend, but I can't think of it. It is all kind of a fog because I have been feeling so crappy.  Unfortunately, I think this is really all I have for you today. I'm going to spend the day sterilizing the house so that hopefully we can get rid of this crud (the kids all have it too, boo hiss).

Happy Monday!

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