Monday, November 3, 2014

Hi strangers, if any of you still exist out there!

Big things are happening on the Catchy front. We are about to go adventure in Hawaii for 6 months.
Looks like I will have things to write about again!

I think that I have actually had things that I could have been writing about all of this time, but being the mother of children 15 months apart, and a child graduating into the adult world, and having 2 extra charges on top of that sort of sucked the "write" right out of me. And that's okay. It was probably best that I wasn't writing during a lot of that time, haha! Just kidding! [instant hair fry] [eye bursts out of socket]

So, anyway, the first leg of this trip is me making a cross country trip with two under-fives, a dog and, blessedly, my now-official-adult child.  I will explain how that makes sense in moving to Hawaii in another post.
I am currently in the process of "How many Lists Does it Take to Prepare for a Cross-Country Trip that You will Not be Returning from for 6 Months. Thank God for House-Sitters".

It would probably help for me to let you know that this whole "Let's put in to move to Hawaii for six months!" thing came up only 4 weeks ago, and was only officially confirmed 2 weeks ago. So, yeah, considering that we didn't even think that we would be the ones to get it (hubs is temporarily filling a position over there), it has been a whirlwind over these last few weeks.

Okay, a small tornado.

But, a tornado we can deal with because, well, Hawaii for six months. Conveniently, the entire winter.
Let the chaos reign. I'll take it!

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