Friday, September 14, 2012

A few things...

1. These two things represent some of my current feelings:

...and the "like you" part is really
stretching it.
...which is why I mostly just
stay in my house these days.

2. I am considering making my own costume for RenFest. The prices at the costume shops at the festival are so astronomical. A girl that I work with made her own corset for half the cost of what they charge for the same thing, plus, it's reversible. So it is really two corsets for half the cost of one of theirs. Dunno. I'm thinking that I am going to need a better sewing machine if I take on this task. The only one I have is a small beginner one that we bought for The Teenager a few Christmas's ago (that she had to have, yet has never touched, ha!).

3. I checked out TLC's Breaking Amish last night. I'm intrigued. 

4. I'm not sure it I have much more actually. I'm glad that it is Friday! I look forward to my weekend job. It's a nice little break from the norm and I love my RenFest "family".

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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