Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So it begins...

Happy 2013, everyone! The start of the year always feels so good.

And guess what?! I made "a list"! No, I really did.

In keeping with the main theme that is (so wonderfully!) coming over my life at the current moment, the list is very simple:

1. Grow my hair out.

2. Finally learn to use this fancy camera that I had to have.

3. Do more second hand shopping. 

4. Donate instead of putting things out to trash (I've seriously gotten so bad about this).

5. Keep my Facebook account deactivated for at least six months. 

There are going to be additions to this list, but I figured this was a good start. 

Happy New Year to everyone, and I wish everyone with a goals/resolutions list luck on their journey!


  1. Achievable goals are the best goals :) Good luck!

    I have one more to add to your list, register on Bloglovin so it's easier for me to follow you!

    (seriously I cannot figure out what is wrong with my GFC)