Sunday, November 24, 2013

I think I would feel like a complete failure as a parent if I raised my kid into adulthood, sent them off to college, and they graduated said college incapable of applying for a job without my help.

Your college graduate child should be able to apply for a job. Without you completing his/her application. Without you following up with the potential employer. Without you sitting in on any interviews.

Seriously, what is happening to our world, people?!

If I am an employer, or the hiring manager for any company, the first applicant to be sent to the round file is the one who shows up with their mommy (or daddy) in tow, or whose mommy (or daddy) calls to follow up, or whose mommy (or daddy) turns in the application for them.

It just screams "I don't have any clue how to operate on my own!"
What does this applicant have to offer as an employee if their parent, or parents, show up at the interview with them? Is mom going to come to work with you every day too, to make sure your task list is complete, and to keep you on track? And what does this say for your decision making skills, or ability to actually perform your job? You can't even interview for the job yourself - how am I going to be able to seriously consider any possibility that you will be able to handle the work I have for you?

And instead of maintaining the idea that this is ludicrous, our lovely "progressive" workforce is embracing this idea! WHAT???

There are companies now who actually set up separate "parent involvement" interviews, and the such.
It's basically like "open house/back to school/parents night" at school, except... Oh yeah, you are a grown ass individual who shouldn't need your mommy and daddy to check out your potential employer.
It is one thing to discuss your options with your parents and, as parents, for us to give pointers about what to ask, what to enroll in if you land said job, weighing options between different jobs.
That is our job, that is our function. But actually becoming a part of your adult child's hiring process?? Really??? That is taking it a little far.

Lay off of the crazy pills.

I can't even imagine what my kid's reaction would be if I told her I was going to come to a job interview with her. When she was interviewing for her first job at 15 she would have cut me if I even suggested the idea of coming in with her, much less the ones she's applied for recently, much, much less any job she will apply for in the future. Are you kidding? I am getting the giggles just thinking about her potential reaction to this idea, haha!

She recently decided to get a second job, and had applied for and landed a particular job that she couldn't start until she was 18. In the meantime she decided to apply for a third job, and when she landed that one as well, she had to make a choice.  She and I had many discussions about her options, and I gave her my opinions - that's my job, and let her talk it out with me, but ultimately, she's the one who has to work the jobs, not me. So what place would I have in the process anyway?

It is just a really bizarre concept to me, I guess.

Anyway... end rant, but I just saw yet another article about this bizarre practice, and I couldn't be quiet.

Opinions happen, yo!

Happy weekend!

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